Micro Onde | LG | MS-2042D | 20 Litres | Duukaan
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Micro Onde | LG | MS-2042D | 20 Litres


75 000 FCFA 55 000 FCFA

  • Smart Inverter technology (accurate power control for more uniform and faster heating/thawing)
  • i-Wave (uniform heating of food by three-dimensional microwave)
  • Quartz resistance grill (more efficient and faster than a traditional grill)
  • Antibacterial interior coating with Easy Cleaning
  • Eco On Energy Saving Mode Cooking Programs with Automatic Weight Control

Capacity (L) 20L
Dimension Width (mm) 455 Depth (mm)320
Height (mm) 252
Size T/T 245 Traits

Automatic cooking menu
Self-cooking – 3mu
Automatic de-icing
Automatic de-icing / Quick de-icing
Eco function

AddidFeature 4 Children’s clock/clock
Feature 5 i-wave

MW power 700W
Design Divide Open type
Balançoire latérale Afficher LED
Manette Membrane
CMF blanc